Alberto Lumbreras

I am a CNRS postdoctoral researcher in the Signal & Communications Group at the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse. I work in the FACTORY project coordinated by Cédric Févotte. My current research is focused on Monte Carlo inference methods for Non-Negative Matrix Factorization.

Previously, I did a PhD in Computer Science in the ERIC Lab at Université Lyon 2 under the supervision of Bertrand Jouve and Julien Velcin (2013-2016). I did my thesis (on machine learning and social network analysis) at Technicolor R&D (Rennes).

Before that, I got a MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona) and wrote a Master’s Thesis on Trust-Aware Recommender Systems advised by Ricard Gavaldà (2012).

And before that, I studied Telecommunication Engineering and worked for seven years at Telefónica I+D (a.k.a Telefonica Research) as a research engineer. I am also a member of the Datanalysis15m research group (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya).


alberto.lumbreras (at) irit (dot) fr
Toulouse, France